DATAMEX is the Institution which we can able to use as BRIDGE   to our social needs. It is also a place to discover a new things in order that we become ready to face our future journey.It help us to build our self confident to be ready  to our future journey that have a lot of stored knowledge.
A word "Mags" was derived from the initials of our surnames which is M for MONTEROSO,A for ACEDILLA,G for GOYONE and S for SY.Then,beside for that,M.A.G.S. was the Abbreviated word of the place where we love to hang'out and it was abbreviation also of the surname of one of our delightful former Pres. Ramon Magsaysay.We really love to stay in that place because we are facing the wide blue sea and th ocean breeze was so cool and it so relaxing when the wind touches our skin.we really have fun when we start joking to each other then we laugh and laugh.Because,As what we believed to ourselves that,Joke? It is an accessory to add more funtastic color to deal our friendship in this wonderful world with more mesmerizing,funtastic,unparalleled and unforgetable memories as our journey goes on.

Datamex HYMN w/ LYRICS

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